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Hi friends, I am the blogger of the blog which used to be known as FUN CHRONICLES.  My name is Adedamola and I’m probably the person that is going to change your world. I started this blog so that more children will learn how to do things that will make their lives right, easier and more exciting and to have fun while doing it. Dee Phoenix Blog is a blog that will make kids creative as well as learn things they haven’t learnt before. It will also help to improve children’s knowledge and understanding. Adults may also find one post or the other, very useful. So, there will be weekly post and activities that will be posted to keep you intact. And do not worry, there will be pictures with high quality. Enjoy the Dee Phoenix Blog

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Thumbs up dear.God bless you

Jeph Oluwagbemiga

Welcome to the global cyberspace with immersed opportunities.
I love your maxim…
“We Rise Up”
Keep the fire guy.

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