Practice makes Perfect

Hi, folks, this is Adedamola and today, we are going to talk about how ‘Practice makes perfect’. Unlike the other posts, I am going to tell you how, I came across this phrase. Okay, so there is this dance that is trending OR used to trend called ‘Orange Justice’.

When I heard of this dance, I decided to learn the moves, because I loved it so, so much. So I looked up on how to dance Orange Justice, and believe me, I went on every video possible. That is every video I could find on youtube of course.

Practice Makes Perfect, Orange Justice

But, every time I tried, I always failed.  And I have to admit, When I saw a video containing me trying to dance I looked like I wanted to swat a fly while I was listening to rock music. I was thinking that I will never get it, so I almost gave up, you see that is the problem. While practicing we all look for the easy way, meanwhile there is no easy way, so everyone never say never.

Back to the story. I almost gave up till I realized that nothing comes easily and that is why some things are precious why somethings are not, so I tried and I tried, little by little I was getting there, till some weeks later I perfected the Dance. HOORAY!!!, I was so happy when I perfected it, then I wondered, what if I gave up? Almost immediately I answered my question, that I would not have mastered the dance, I would not have been this happy. Now Orange Justice is one of my best dances.

So folks, this is not a story about school, or sports or even about a game. It is about how a dance taught me a valuable lesson.


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