Children’s Day


Children’s Day, the day we children are recognized for being us, should not be boring at all.Get up and do some fun stuffs. I have some fun activities for us to celebrate our special day. Which is your favourite? Let me in the comments section.



1.Go and watch a Movie

Watching a Movie with your friends and family, really makes one happy and I recommend it because it is a bonding time with your family and also to avoid SPOILERS!!

2.Go for a CHILDREN’S DAY Picnic with Family

Going for a picnic is one of the best things a family can do together, with homemade delicacies and board games your are sure to have a wonderful holiday.

3.Plan a Family Cook Off 

Family Cook Off

 You can plan a family cook off, learning new recipes, improving your recipes and having fun.  One can also assign one of your family members to be a judge. Also you can also test recipes that you think that will make your food taste better. You can also learn new family recipes from your Mother, Aunty, Mom, Dad or even GrandParents.
4.Go for a Walk
Family togethernes 
Breathing Fresh air, observing the environment, enjoying nature, these are the perks of going for a walk. Going as a family can really make your day. You can discover places you never knew about and meet knew friends.
 5.Decide for your Self
Decision making 
 Take a vote and decide what you and your family wants to do. Be creative, think big and do not forget to have fun.
  Well readers, Happy Children’s Day in advance and I hope you enjoy it. This is Adedamola Olusunmade, I’ll see you y’all later.


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